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Japanese shampoo: how to choose and not make a mistake

Choosing the right Japanese shampoo will allow you to have beautiful curls. Many beauty bloggers talk about this. Whether this is true, and whether it is worth buying them, we will understand in this article.

Is the hype around Japanese hair shampoos justified?

It has long been found that mass-market products do not fulfill their promises, worsening the condition of the scalp. The hair gets dirty faster, becomes thin and brittle. Therefore, attention was paid to foreign cosmetics. Especially on Japanese hair loss shampoos.

The Japanese are extremely responsible people, so they care about the quality of their products. If you look at Japanese women, then many have long, silky, voluminous curls.

The Internet is filled with positive reviews about Japanese shampoos. They differ from european counterparts, because:

There are no synthetic components in the form of sulfites or preservatives. Therefore, they are hypoallergenic and do not weigh down the hair.

The composition consists of natural ingredients.

Saturation with vitamins and microelements. They provide the necessary nutrition.

Due to the technologies developed in Japan, the ingredients retain their properties for a long period.

Thanks to the natural composition, moisturizing Japanese shampoos can be bought for the whole family.

Product Feature

Why buy Japanese shampoo:

organic composition. They contain only natural ingredients: herbs, fruits, and algae. They give a natural shine. Positive traits:

Profitability. The product is concentrated. Therefore, a couple of drops are required to wash your hair.

Volume. Produced in large bottles, allowing you to buy them profitably.

Quality. The Japanese are meticulous people.Therefore, their products are of high quality.

Japanese shampoo, with or without algae, doesn’t lather well. However, this proves that there are no synthetic components in it. A large amount of foam cannot be proof of a good cleansing of the head. Natural components perform this function better, while providing the necessary nutrients.

In fact, the downside is the price of Japanese shampoos. Buying them at a low price will not work. They are much more expensive. However, the disadvantage is compensated by the effectiveness of the cosmetic product.

How to choose the best japanese shampoo?

To buy a good Japanese shampoo, you need to know your hair type. Based on it, the correct composition is selected. It should include components that will improve the structure of the hair.

Important! Before you buy Japanese shampoo, look at the packaging, expiration date and manufacturer.

Popular Japanese brands of shampoo

Thanks to the experience of many women using Asian cosmetics, a rating of the best shampoos in Japan has been compiled. We will provide a list of brands that have touched the hearts of many girls. But note that Japanese women have the problem of dryness and stiffness of curls. Therefore, cosmetics are aimed at eliminating them:

Gyunyu Sekken Kyoshin

The Street Tonic line is based on menthol. It provides effective cleansing, preventing the occurrence of dandruff, stimulating growth. According to reviews, it does an excellent job with the initial symptoms of dandruff. The basis includes organic plant-based oils and extracts from medicinal herbs. They prevent hair loss.

Tsubaki from Shiseido brand

Thoroughly cleanses. The basis is high content menthol. It actively eliminates dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. However, it is used once a week.

The softer composition is in the white and red lines. They are suitable for daily hair washing. Contains some silicone. It visually improves the structure of damaged from paint and dry hair.


It is a professional cosmetics for the care of curls. The main ingredient in the composition is pearl extract. It will strengthen not only natural hair, but also dyed hair, making it shiny. Fans of the brand especially highlight Cool Orange. It actively enhances growth and also fights hair loss.


It is the first brand that won trust in Europe. It has an ideal composition: the minimum amount of harmful substances and a high content of organic components. The basis includes:

  • cut off the rice;
  • extracts from medicinal herbs;
  • esters and organic oils;
  • hydrosols and vitamins.

The foaming component is Chinese soap root. Therefore, the cleansing is soft, and the curls are shiny. Also, the ends split less, the hair structure is restored, and the bulbs do not fall out.

Kurobara Argan hair

The soft and pleasant composition is enriched with argan oil. It carefully cares, moisturizes and restores the hair. Hairstyle becomes well-groomed. The base includes squalane, as well as organic ingredients that add shine with radiance. Suitable for daily use.

SPR Japan Natvra

It is a revitalizing and moisturizing agent. Repairs damaged hair. Makes them healthier and thicker. It contains honey in five types, herbs and over ten natural oils. Lactobacilli in the composition maintain pH balance.

As a conclusion

A huge number of high-quality Japanese-made hair shampoos can be bought in stores. However, it is important not to stumble upon a fake, so you need to pay attention to the label. To choose the right product, study the reviews. With proper use, European girls, note an improvement in the condition of the scalp and a solution to hair problems.

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