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Best robot vacuum cleaners in 2022

 Best robot vacuum cleaners in 2022

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner?

First you need to decide on the type of device:

  • For dry cleaning. If there are no animals in the house and you use a humidifier, it is wise to choose a device for dry cleaning. This model can quickly suck up dust and small debris, is easy to maintain, cheaper and lasts longer on a single charge.
  • For wet cleaning. The polishing robot cleans sticky spots, increases moisture levels and reduces flying dust. But they can only be activated after dry cleaning to avoid chafing with dirt.
  • Combined. The best models should do wet and dry cleaning. A suction device or turbo brush picks up dust and debris, while a damp cloth removes stubborn stains.

Criterias of choice:

  • Battery life.
  • Accumulator charging.
  • Navigation of the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Sensors for robotic vacuum cleaners.
  • Noise level.
  • The volume of the dust container.

1. Roborock S6 Pure

Expert assessment
Expert assessment

The best robot vacuum cleaner in terms of price / quality.
Roborock S6 Pure Review: a powerful, smart vacuum cleaner|10ProductReviews.comThe best robot vacuum cleaner Roborock S6 Pure

Roborock S6 Pure review
The first position of our TOP is occupied by Roborock S6 Pure. The updated model of the robot vacuum cleaner has become even more powerful, although the device is quiet (noise level is only 69 dB) and saves battery power. The model is able to quickly and accurately map the premises due to the laser mapping system. This increases the efficiency of cleaning, because the vacuum cleaner does not miss the corners and other hard-to-reach areas of the room.

In addition to dry cleaning, the Roborock s6 pure robot vacuum cleaner provides wet cleaning. To do this, the device uses a special cloth, and to start cleaning, the user simply fills the tank with water. The brush is removable, so it will not be difficult for the owner to clean it from accumulated hair and animal hair. The suction power is quite high, so the robot will successfully cope even with the removal of complex contaminants.

Roborock S6 Pure Specifications:

  • number of modes – 4;
  • maximum operating time – 180 minutes;
  • dust collector 460 ml;
  • 180 ml water container;
  • noise level 69 dB.
  • good suction power with low noise level
  • quickly and accurately builds a map of the premises
  • successfully overcomes small obstacles
  • there is a function of wet cleaning
  • the capacious accumulator provides high autonomy of work
  • with a filled water tank, patency suffers
  • only one cloth is included in the set

2. iLife A9s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Expert assessment

ILife A9s Robot Vacuum Mop Review 10ProductReviews.comThe A9S robot vacuum cleaner from the Chinese company iLife, a novelty released in 2019. Designed for wet and dry cleaning of all types of floor coverings, including carpets. The A8 differs from the previous model with a vibrating water container. Improved cleaning system Cyclone Power Gen 3. And also increased suction power to 25 W and the volume of the bin to 0.6 liters.

The built-in navigation system Pano View includes a gyroscope, a camera and several processors that are needed to build a map of the room. Performing a panoramic view of the built-in camera, the robot builds the best route for efficient systematic cleaning of the house.

ilife A9S Design

The design is made to look like a classic vinyl record. iLife A9S robot vacuum cleaner case is made of durable plastic coated with aluminum alloy with a glossy surface, which makes this vacuum cleaner reliable and durable. Shape – round, available in two colors – black and gray. The outer elements of the top cover are highlighted in silver and shine beautifully in the light.

On the top panel of the ilife a9s there is a panoramic camera for orienting the robot in space and building a map of the room. A shock-absorbing bumper, air outlets and a 0.6-liter retractable dust collector are installed on the front side part, which, if wet cleaning is necessary, changes to a 0.3-liter liquid container.

A wheel block, a roller for maneuvering, terminals for docking the robot with a floor charging station, and a battery are installed on the bottom. In addition to the two side brushes, there is one turbo brush with soft bristles in the center for cleaning carpets and a roller for cleaning hard surfaces.

ilife a9s Functionality

Like the younger model A8, the iLife A9S robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Pano View navigation system. The technology consists of the CV-SLAM algorithm, a camera, a gyroscope and powerful processors for data processing when building a room map. Scanning the room, the device creates a panorama of the surrounding space. Builds and remembers the best route. This allows a systematic approach to cleaning, improving efficiency and quality. Does not skip sections and does not pass twice through the cleaned zones.

The navigation system is supplemented by sensors mounted on the bumper. Sensors help avoid collisions with objects, furniture and prevent it from falling from heights, such as stairs or balconies.

A9's Panoview navigation system maps your house accurately |

With the ILIFE app, it is convenient to control the ilife a9s robot vacuum cleaner anywhere in the world. The smartphone is connected to the device via a wi-fi network.

ILIFEHOME App is a mobile phone application of connecting the intelligent robotic products | 10ProductReviews.comAvailable ilife a9s options from a smartphone:

  • starting a cleaning cycle;
  • creating a map in real time;
  • setting up a cleaning schedule (by time and day of the week);
  • switching modes;
  • Receive error alerts and check the life of consumables and accessories.

iLife A9S works in four modes:

  1. Autonomous. Snake and return to base for automatic recharging.
  2. Local. Spiral movement for cleaning a small heavily soiled area with a radius of up to one square meter.
  3. Perimeter. Cleaning along the skirting boards, around the perimeter of the furniture, in the corners.
  4. Maximum. For cleaning very dirty rooms with the engine running at maximum power.
ILIFE A9s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner modes |

The Gen 3 CyclonePower Cleaning System cleans a room in three steps. The two angled side brushes, rotating at 170 rpm, efficiently sweep up debris in corners, along walls and furniture. The central brush cleans the remaining area of ​​the floor, directing all collected dust, pet hair, thread, hair, small and large debris to the suction port opening. All debris enters the dust collector with a volume of 600 milliliters and settles on its walls. The air sucked in together with the debris passes through the filter elements and comes out clean by 99.9%.

Model ilife A9s comes with two roller brushes:

  • Bristle brush (for carpets).
  • Rubber brush (for hard floors).

Dry cleaning can be performed simultaneously with wet wiping of the floor (by sweeping large debris with the side and turbo brushes, the vacuum is turned off). To do this, the vacuum cleaner has a patented 300 ml liquid container, which can be filled with clean water or a mild soapy solution. The artificial vibration of the ilife a9s motor guarantees tight contact between the cloth and the floor covering, which allows you to effectively clean even dried-on dirt. Water is supplied to the microfiber cloth automatically. The liquid flow rate can also be adjusted using the remote control.

ilife A9S Specifications

Cleaning type: dry and wet

Operating modes: spiral movement, zigzag movement, local cleaning, movement along walls, quick cleaning

Additional functions: building a map of the room, signal when the battery is low, timer, signal when jamming, programming by days of the week

Design features: display backlight, soft bumper, built-in clock, display

Complete set: turbo brush, electric brush, side brush

Number of cleaning modes: 4

Minimum cleaning time: 90 min

Maximum cleaning time: 120 min

Number of filtration stages: 2

Fine filter: yes

Remote control option: yes

Smartphone control: yes

Additional information: PanoView navigation, CyclonPower Gen 3 three-stage cleaning system, innovative vibrating water tank; sensors: obstacles, height difference


Battery type included: Li-Ion

Battery capacity included: 2600 mAh

Battery life: 80 min

Battery charging time: 300 min


Dust container volume: 0.6 l

Water container volume: 0.3 l


Electric brush name: rubber and lint

Type of sensors: infrared

Number of sensors: 13

Cleaning area limiter: virtual wall

Maximum travel speed: 18 m/min

Number of driving modes: 4

Installation on the charger: automatic

Communication Protocol: WiFi

Dimensions: 33x32x7.60 cm

Weight: 2.55 kg

  • Good value for money
  • Rugged durable body
  • Powerful rechargeable battery with a capacity (the charge of which is enough for two hours of continuous operation)
  • The maximum cleaning area is 220 square meters
  • Four operating modes
  • Pano View navigation system with camera and gyroscope for building a map of premises
  • Adjustment of water supply
  • High suction power - 25W
  • Smartphone control
  • Overcoming obstacles up to 15 millimeters high
  • It is not always possible to call at the base the first time
  • Entangled in wires
  • Sometimes ignores the virtual wall
  • The software is not perfect (sometimes the robot does not clean up completely in the room when charging half, the map is not completely drawn, but the device decides that it coped by returning to the charging station)

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3. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop (Global)

Expert assessment

The next position of the best robot vacuum cleaners by price / quality for 2022 is the latest version of the robot vacuum cleaner with visual navigation^ Хiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum. The water tank is equipped with an intelligent system that you can control to avoid leakage. Хiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner power – 2500 Pa. Visual navigation allows the model to explore the area and design a map.

There are 15 sensors that can protect the Хiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner from falling, improve its navigation, help it overcome obstacles, and work normally at any time of the day. Depending on the degree of contamination, there are 4 cleaning modes with different suction forces.

The capacity of the dust container is 600 milliliters. The reduced height of the robot allows the vacuum cleaner to be located under the bed, under the closet and in other hard-to-reach places.

High cross-country ability allows the robot to climb carpets and overcome obstacles. The battery capacity is 2400 mAh, charging is enough for cleaning about 120 square meters. When the battery capacity drops to 15%, the vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the charger and charge up to 80%, then continue cleaning from where it left off.

Хiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum General characteristics

Type of cleaning – dry and wet;

Modes: zigzag movement, local cleaning, movement along the walls;

Additional options: building a map of the room, notification when the battery is low, a timer, a signal when stuck, calculating the cleaning time, programming by day of the week;

Хiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Design: soft bumper, built-in clock.

It is no coincidence that this model from Xiaomi got into the value for money rating: Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop has a rich set of features, at the same time it has an affordable price, is easy to use and maintain. Dry and wet cleaning provided. The vacuum cleaner performs high-quality cleaning due to good suction power of 2500 Pa.

It has 4 different work programs:

  • Standard.
  • Silent.
  • Intensive.
  • Turbo mode.

When the battery level is less than 15%, the vacuum cleaner returns on its own to the charging station. Battery – 2400 mAh, in continuous cleaning mode will work 90 minutes. This is enough to clean the area up to 100 square meters. meters. The vacuum cleaner sees a “virtual wall”. Magnetic strips can be purchased separately.

This model is controlled using the standard Mi Home application. Commands can be given using Alice’s voice assistant.

Хiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Characteristics

  • Battery capacity, mAh – 2400.
  • Time of continuous operation, minutes – Up to 90.
  • Time for a full charge, minutes – 120.
  • Capacity of the container for collecting garbage, l – 0,6.
  • Container capacity for wet cleaning, l – 0.2.
  • Weight, kg – 3.6.
  • Dimensions, cm – 35.30 * 35 * 8.15.
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent build quality
  • Compact
  • Stylish white plastic design
  • You can use the Mi Home app on your smartphone to control, the interface is simple
  • There is an additional comb for cleaning the turbo brush
  • The vacuum cleaner is easy to care for
  • Weak battery
  • Magnetic stripes, additional rags - purchased separately

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4. Roborock S7

Expert assessment

Good and reliable robot vacuum cleaner.

Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner |                                            The best robot vacuum cleaner Roborock S7

The next place of honor is the place of the best robotic vacuum cleaners in terms of price / quality: Roborock S7robot vacuum cleaner. Some models of robotic vacuum cleaners can not cope with heavy pollution. After cleaning, dirt and stains may remain on the floor, which must be cleaned manually. With the new Sonic Sea technology, you no longer have to intervene in the process.

Roborock S7 - Level up Your Cleaning with Sonic Mopping | 10ProductReviews.comThe vibration frequency transmitted to the microfiber reaches 3000 times per minute.
The created vibration will easily cope with any type of pollution. Using ultrasound, the Roborock S7 recognizes carpets with extraordinary accuracy. After the first cleaning, the model will create a room map where you can view all available areas.

Depending on the pile height, you can vacuum the carpet or install a limited area on it. The new floating Roborock S7 mechanism technology ensures constant brush contact even on uneven surfaces.

The old bristle brush has been replaced with a new silicone roller that is more durable and better picks up dust and dirt on the floor. At the same time, the entanglement of wool and hair on its surface is minimized. Less effort to achieve optimal cleaning.

The large 470 ml dust container allows you to clean the Roborock S7 vacuum cleaner less often. The water tank holds 300ml and can clean 300 square meters.

The battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh is enough for three hours of cleaning, if necessary, the robot itself will return to recharge.

Roborock S7 General characteristics

  • Type of cleaning – dry and wet;
  • Modes – spiral movement, zigzag movement, local cleaning, movement along walls, quick cleaning;
  • Additional options – building a map of the room, the ability to connect an electric brush, notification when the battery is low, a timer, a signal when it gets stuck, limiting the cleaning time, calculating the time, planning for 7 days;
  • Design – soft bumper, built-in clock, lidar.
  • Functionality
  • Build quality
  • Efficiency
  • Battery life
  • Clear management
  • Equipment

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5. Roborock S6 MaxV

Expert assessment

This wet and dry Roborock S6 MaxV robot vacuum has dual cameras for finer navigation. In poor lighting conditions, the built-in IR sensor will help you clean. Intelligent navigation will help you remember up to 4 floors. Such a home assistant will be relevant for those who have their own home. Between floors, of course, it must be carried manually, like any robot vacuum cleaner.

Roborock S6 MaxV included:

  • a vacuum cleaner,
  • dock station,
  • filter cleaning brush
  • additional 2 filters,
  • turbo brush,
  • side brushes,
  • cloth for wet cleaning.

Pleasant features include the fact that the side brush is rubberized – this provides almost 100% dirt pickup, because. contact with the surface is particularly thorough.

Mijia Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum Cleaner ReactiveAI LiDAR Navigator | 10ProductReviews.comAlso included is an additional brush that allows you to remove wound hair from cleaning brushes. Separately, it is worth mentioning the turbo brush – it is equipped with special latches that can be rotated and the hair is easily removed without additional effort or brushes.

The power of the Roborock S6 MaxV robot vacuum cleaner is 66 watts, which is more powerful than previous versions. In the robot vacuum cleaner, you can adjust the flow of water.

The fabric cloth is fastened with Velcro – it can be easily removed and washed. The washing brush has a slight play, due to which it adheres to the floor surface under its own weight.

Operating system of the Roborock S6 MaxV – Android. The declared noise level is 60-70 dB, but, according to customer reviews, this version is less noisy than the previous ones. Roborock builds its own map of the premises, you can set up a ban on certain areas, for example, entering the bathroom or toilet.

You can determine the washing area, give names to each room. For each room, you can choose a different mode of operation, the level of water used. This will be true if there are tiles in one room and parquet or laminate in another. You can choose the cleaning order.

Roborock S6 MaxV Characteristics

  • Battery capacity mAh -5200.
  • Continuous operation – Up to 180 minutes.
  • Fully charged in 360 minutes.
  • The capacity of the container for collecting dry waste is 0.46 liters.
  • The capacity of the container for wet cleaning is 0.3 liters.
  • Weight – 3.7 kg.
  • Dimensions – 35 * 35 * 9.6 cm.
  • Powerful battery
  • Possibility of different modes for different rooms
  • Water regulation
  • Careful construction of maps of premises
  • The ability to configure the prohibition of certain premises
  • Turbo brush with easy cleaning (with clamps)
  • The price is not the most affordable
  • No extra rags

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6. Legee 688

Expert assessment

This robot vacuum cleaner combines 2 functions at the same time – a vacuum cleaner and a floor cleaner. The robot removes small debris, hair and wool from the floor like a robot vacuum cleaner in the classical sense, but additionally performs high-quality wet cleaning.

This model is highly reliable for 2022. Mopping occurs thanks to the spraying of water or cleaning agent, and two movable platforms with microfiber cloths that make 600 movements per minute, simulating the rubbing movements of human hands during cleaning, which compares favorably with competitors who carry out light damp mopping of the floor.

HOBOT LEGEE-688 Hard Floor Robot Mop & Vacuum | 10ProductReviews.comThe Legee 688 vacuum cleaner is equipped with a whole set of sensors (gyroscope, laser rangefinders, displacement sensor, electronic compass, positioning system, rotation angle sensor). The main advantage of the robot is a variety of cleaning modes.

Both the normal cleaning mode and the intensive washing mode are available, when the robot pours more detergent and passes the same areas several times. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for smooth surfaces – tiles, laminate, parquet, linoleum, etc. Taiwan production.

Legee 688 Specifications

  • Dust collector capacity – 0.5 l.
  • Battery: Li-ion 2750 mAh.
  • Container volume: 600 ml.
  • Liquid tank volume: 320 ml.
  • Noise level: < 50 dB.
  • Working time: 90 min.
  • Movable platforms for wet cleaning
  • Brushless motor with increased durability and reduced noise level
  • Rubber pad on the bumper to protect the furniture
  • Do-it-yourself cleaning quality
  • Protection against entanglement in wires
  • The D-shaped body allows the vacuum cleaner to drive into corners
  • Laser navigation
  • Control via remote control or application
  • At each start, it rebuilds a map of the room
  • Control via remote control or application
  • Not suitable for carpets
  • Does not overcome high obstacles
  • There is no way to put a virtual wall in the application

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7. Xiaomi Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Expert assessment

The main distinguishing feature is that the vacuum cleaner base self-cleans the vacuum cleaner. To date, this is the most budgetary robot vacuum cleaner with a self-cleaning function.

Navigation is carried out using two wall sensors, and one sensor located in the center of the vacuum cleaner. Containers for water and garbage are combined. The cleaning system is triple: HEPA FILTER, mesh filter, foam rubber. The appearance is stylish, in the minimalist style of Xiaomi.

Water supply is carried out electronically. The vacuum cleaner, although it is Xiaomi, is not controlled through the usual Mi Home application, but through the Lydsto application. In the application, the vacuum cleaner builds an accurate map of the room and zones the area.

You can set up scheduled cleaning, set up manual control, volume and voice messages – everything is adjusted for the owner. The vacuum cleaner “speaks” in Russian.

After cleaning, the vacuum cleaner additionally passes around the perimeter, you can share access with your family.

The trash bin in the base is as much as 3 liters, you can select cleaning zones, make a ban on cleaning certain rooms (for example, toilets and baths), you can adjust the ban on wet or dry cleaning (for example, put a ban on wet cleaning where there are carpets).

Xiaomi Lydsto R1 Brief characteristics

  • Battery capacity – 5200 mAh.
  • Continuous operating time, minutes – Up to 150.
  • Sufficient time for a full charge, minutes – 240.
  • The presence of a container for collecting garbage, l – Yes, 0.2 l.
  • The presence of a container for wet cleaning, l – Yes, 0.25 l.
  • Vacuum cleaner dimensions, cm – 35*35*10.
  • Self cleaning
  • Budget cleaner
  • Electronic water supply
  • Powerful battery
  • Zoning of premises
  • -

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8. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential

Expert assessment

What is included in the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum mop essential?

  • A vacuum cleaner.
  • Base.
  • Nozzles for different types of cleaning.
  • Cleaning tool.
  • Napkin for wet cleaning.

There are no spare consumables for the remote control and limiters in the kit. The Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum mop essential design is made in a minimalist style, the vacuum cleaner is white matte. Containers – combined (for water and garbage), the dust collector is quite voluminous – as much as 600 ml. Like many, Xiaomi has a three-stage cleaning system (mesh, foam, HEPA filter). 2 side brushes are attached with screws. Controlled by the standard Mi Home application.

Specifications of the robot vacuum cleaner

  • Battery capacity – 2500 mAh.
  • Can work continuously – Up to 90 minutes.
  • Container for collecting garbage – 0.6 l.
  • Water tank – 0.6 l.
  • Weight and dimensions – 4.97 kg, 35 * 35 * 8.2 cm.
  • Suction power adjustment
  • Large dustbin
  • Affordable price
  • Building a map - in real time, does not save in memory
  • There is no lint on the sides of the wet cleaning wipes - it will be difficult to wash the baseboards

9. Roborock S5 MAX

Expert assessment

This Roborock S5 MAX vacuum cleaner is available in black and white, which already suggests a choice. Removable cloth for wet cleaning allows you to wash and dry it efficiently. The kit includes a plastic mat – when the vacuum cleaner returns to the base after washing the room, there will be no leakage.

In general, wet cleaning with the Roborock S5 MAX vacuum cleaner is unusual – there is a special channel inside the tank, you can not drain excess water. The blowing out of air is powerful, but the vacuum cleaner is more than accurate in motion – this is facilitated by two sensitive sensors.

Cleaning is controlled through the Mi Home application. There are special brushes for removing coiled hair. The Roborock S5 MAX vacuum cleaner itself has a place to store these extras – reducing the likelihood of losing small accessories.

Roborock S5 MAX Specifications

  • Battery capacity, mAh – 5200.
  • Time of continuous operation, minutes — Up to 180.
  • The capacity of the container for collecting garbage, l – 0.46.
  • Container capacity for wet cleaning, l – 0.28.
  • Weight, kg – 3.5.
  • Dimensions, cm – 35 * 35 * 9.6.
  • Powerful battery
  • Long working time
  • Compactness
  • Intelligent control
  • Very sensitive sensors
  • I would like the wire to be at least 1 meter longer

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10. Ecovacs DeeBot OZMO 900

Expert assessment
Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 DN5G Review |

The Ecovacs DeeBot OZMO vacuum cleaner has a fairly advanced kit. So, for example, there are spare brushes and 2 cloths, and even a virtual border, which is quite rare for a standard robot vacuum cleaner set. Laser sensors provide increased sensitivity, ensuring high-quality cleaning. The containers are easy to clean, the vacuum cleaner itself notifies you that you need to throw out the garbage.

The Ecovacs DeeBot OZMO 900 vacuum cleaner has 2 powers, which allows you to choose the optimal cleaning mode. For management, you can share access with all family members.

Ecovacs DeeBot OZMO 900 Characteristics

  • Battery capacity, mAh – 2600.
  • Time of continuous operation, minutes — Up to 90.
  • Time to fully charge, minutes – 240.
  • The capacity of the container for collecting garbage, l – 0.45.
  • Container capacity for wet cleaning, l – 0.24.
  • Weight, kg – 4.3.
  • Dimensions, cm – 35 * 35 * 10.2.
  • Extended kit
  • Sensitive sensors - high-quality cleaning
  • Notification about the need to clean the container
  • Not the strongest battery

11. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P

Expert assessment
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P Robot Vacuum Cleaner ▷

A modern and powerful Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P robot vacuum cleaner with a turbo brush, with a wide range of functions. The design is made in two different versions – black and white.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P Included

  • 2 brushes.
  • Brush for wet cleaning.
  • Base.
  • Charger with euro plug.
  • Additional container for combined cleaning with an installed HEPA filter.
  • Spare cloth for wet cleaning.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Actually a vacuum cleaner with an installed container for dry cleaning.
  • Orientation sensors on the front.
  • Turbobrush.
  • Spring wheels and front wheel.

The battery is fairly standard for robotic vacuum cleaners: 3200 mA * h. The weight of the robot vacuum cleaner is small, only 3.6 kg. The vacuum cleaner is controlled through the Mi Home application. In the application, you can make room zoning, install virtual walls, set up a cleaning mode.

In addition, the power of the battery and the level of water supply for wet cleaning are additionally regulated. You can program the cleaning of only the selected area, and the full history of cleaning is also saved.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P Characteristics

  • Battery capacity, mAh – 3200.
  • Time of continuous operation, minutes — Up to 110.
  • Time to fully charge, minutes – 180.
  • The capacity of the container for collecting garbage, l – 0.3.
  • Container capacity for wet cleaning, l – 0.2.
  • Weight, kg – 3.6.
  • Dimensions, cm – 35 * 35 * 9.45.
  • Extended delivery set
  • Large selection of adjustable settings
  • Compact dimensions
  • Design choice
  • Not a budget price

12. iCLEBO G5

Expert assessment

The scope of delivery is quite wide.

iCLEBO О5 Included:

  • Directly robot vacuum cleaner;
  • adapter;
  • remote control;
  • combined container for water and garbage;
  • napkin for wet cleaning;
  • turbo brush;
  • HEPA filter;
  • pump for electronic adjustment;
  • quick-detachable side brushes.

The iCLEBO О5 design is made in black, the container allows you to collect up to 480 ml of dry waste. The declared volume level is 55 dB. Scheduled cleaning can be programmed. It is possible to search for a robot by sound. There is a function to adjust the suction power.

iCLEBO О5 Characteristics:

  • Battery capacity, mAh – 2200.
  • Time of continuous operation, minutes — Up to 136.
  • Time to fully charge, minutes – 240.
  • The capacity of the container for collecting garbage, l – 0.48.
  • Weight, kg – 2.3.
  • Dimensions, cm – 33 * 33 * 7.9.
  • extended scope of supply
  • not noisy
  • very compact
  • the battery does not last long

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13. Xiaomi EVE Plus

Expert assessment

                                            High quality and affordable robot vacuum cleaner.

The next line of our rating is occupied by a robot vacuum cleaner with a high-performance motor, a new generation of lds lidar, remote control and support for wet and dry cleaning. The power of the device reaches 2700 Pa, which makes the model the most powerful robot vacuum cleaner of the Roidmi series. If the floor cleaning mode is enabled, you can control the amount of water in the tank.

A full tank will be enough to serve an area of ​​250 square meters. The main advantage is the multifunctional charger that can be used as a suction station. Inside the charging base there is a pump that sucks the collected garbage out of the gadget container and places it in a special 3 liter bag.

Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with 4th generation lds lidar, which makes the process of scanning and displaying the surrounding space more accurate. The device supports storage of up to 5 cards.

Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner supports remote control via voice assistant or mobile app. In the app, users can set a cleaning schedule, set up virtual walls, select specific areas to clean, track the movement of the vacuum cleaner in real time, and more. With minimal battery consumption, battery life can reach 3.5 hours.

Xiaomi EVE Plus General Characteristics:

  • Type of cleaning – dry and wet;
  • Modes – local cleaning, quick cleaning;
  • Additional options – building a map of the room, notification when discharging, timer, cleaning time limit, schedule by day of the week;
  • Design – soft bumper, dust container full indicator, display backlight, garbage container in the base, clock.
  • Multifunctionality
  • Convenient cleaning
  • Efficiency
  • Autonomy
  • Build quality
  • Sometimes it runs over obstacles and gets stuck

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14. iRobot Roomba i7

Expert assessment

The honorable 3rd place of the best robot vacuum cleaners is occupied by a dry cleaning device, which can not only map the room to be cleaned, but also save it in memory to improve subsequent cleaning.

The equipment subdivides the floor plan into separate rooms, allowing you to choose to clean only one or a few rooms without the use of motion restrictors. In addition, Roomba i7 is equipped with an increased power motor and an updated dust box that can be rinsed with tap water.

The principle of operation of this device is cleaning of the 3rd level. First stage: The side brush effectively removes debris and dust, directing them to the main exhaust brush. The brush cleans the entire floor surface, including skirting boards and corners. Second step: Use a rubber brush to pick up debris and clean hard mulches and high pile carpets perfectly.

The brush directs the collected debris into the pipe. The third stage: through the vacuum channel, the collected debris is sent to the bin, where it settles, and the air passes through a fine filter made using HEPA technology. The advanced filtration system can capture up to 99% of mold, pollen and allergens.

You can control and monitor your robot from your smartphone anywhere in the world with the free iRobot Home app. When severe contamination is detected, the contamination detection function is activated to perform intensive cleaning of a complex area in several processes.

iRobot Roomba i7 General Сharacteristics:

  • Type of cleaning – dry;
  • Modes – local cleaning;
  • Additional options – building a map of the room, timer, programming by day of the week;
  • Design – soft bumper, clock.
  • Functionality
  • Smart navigation
  • Efficiency
  • Simple control
  • Operating time without recharging
  • Small dust collector

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15. Xiaomi MiJia Sweeping Robot G1

Expert assessment

                                                High-quality model of a robot vacuum cleaner.

The top three in our ranking includes Xiaomi MiJia Sweeping Robot G1. The vacuum cleaner Xiaomi MIJIA G1 designed for a combination of dry and wet cleaning. Suction power – 2200 Pa, 4 suction modes. Cope with any difficult cleaning. Various modes are ideal for cleaning dust, debris and hair. The intelligent 200 ml water tank control unit monitors the water supply using sensors and evenly distributes it over the floor surface.

Three-stage filtration effectively removes dust up to 3 microns in size. The body height is just over 8 cm. Intelligent route planning – you can map the entire house in real time and plan a route without missing a single corner with Xiaomi Sweeping Robot G1. Using the Mi Home app, you can control the vacuum cleaner from your smartphone and start cleaning remotely when you are not at home, as well as control the cleaning process itself.

You can also control the robot using voice commands – this will save you from unnecessary interaction with the device.

Xiaomi MiJia Sweeping Robot G1 General Сharacteristics:

  • Type of cleaning – dry and wet;
  • Additional options – building a map of the room, timer, time limit, scheduling by day;
  • Design – soft bumper, clock;
  • Set – electric brush, side brush;
  • The number of filtration stages is 3.
  • Compliance of price and quality
  • Efficiency
  • Operating modes
  • Simple use
  • Sometimes the application freezes

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16. Roborock S5 MAX

Expert assessment

                                             Reliable robot vacuum cleaner with building a room map.

The final line of the best robot vacuum cleaners with building a room map is occupied by the S5Max robot vacuum cleaner, it is designed for comprehensive cleaning of the house. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a smart floor cleaning function: select the wet cleaning area and select the amount of water that matches your floor. The large tank, accurate room mapping, smart navigation and strong suction power make cleaning easier than ever before.

The vacuum cleaner uses a 280 milliliter water tank, the full volume is enough for one-time wet cleaning of an area of ​​200 square meters or 3 standard rooms with a clean area of ​​65 square meters. With lidar, the S5MAX can scan its surroundings at 300 rpm to learn and remember your layout.

The robot “sees” the room it is in in real time and maps it with 98% accuracy. Thanks to his plan, you can select one or more rooms for cleaning with a few taps on your smartphone screen.

Roborock S5 MAX General Сharacteristics:

  • Type of cleaning – dry and wet;
  • Modes – spiral movement, zigzag movement, local cleaning, movement along walls, quick cleaning;
  • Additional options – building a map of the room, notification when the battery is low, a timer, a signal when stuck, scheduling by day of the week;
  • Design – soft bumper, clock, lidar.
  • Build quality
  • Efficiency
  • Good navigation
  • Сleaning speed
  • Operating time without recharging
  • Does not vacuum carpets well

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17. Roborock E4

Expert assessment

Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Sweep and Wet Review ▷

The best inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner.

Roborock E4 tops the list of budget robot vacuum cleaners, it knows what areas it has cleaned and what areas need to be cleaned. The motion analysis system based on lidar and OPTICEYE LED system can track the path traveled and the distance traveled. The data obtained by the gyroscope and the motion tracking system is formed into a map.

Thanks to the precise structure, the robot plans the most logical and fastest way to clean. The map is not saved in the mobile app, it is only used for live navigation! Suction power – 2000 Pa. The robot vacuum cleaner can overcome obstacles up to 2 centimeters high, making cleaning smooth and without distracting you. A powerful 5200 mAh battery will allow you to clean an area of ​​200 square meters with a single charge.

For large rooms, an automatic recharging mode is provided. When charging is not enough, the robot charges on the docking station and then continues cleaning. When the E4 approaches an obstacle, the sensitive sensor array will detect it and slow down the robot. The combination of high suction power, thoughtful brush design and wet cleaning allows you to deal with dirt in 3 ways.

Roborock E4 General Сharacteristics:

  • Type of cleaning – dry and wet;
  • Modes – zigzag movement;
  • Additional options – building a map of the room, a timer, calculating the time of cleaning, planning by day of the week;
  • Design – soft bumper, built-in clock.
  • Cleaning quality
  • Ease of use
  • Fast charging
  • Functionality
  • You cannot build a room map

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18. iRobot Roomba 698

Expert assessment

IRobot Roomba 698, robot vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning ▷ 10ProductReviews.comQuality and budget robot vacuum cleaner.

The second best budget robot vacuum cleaner is the iRobot Roomba 698. A robot designed with a lightweight control system that has stood the test of time and updated technical style. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery. Roomba 698 will clean the house without your participation or even your presence. With the iRobot Home app, you can control your device from anywhere in the world at any time.

Stylish and efficient dry cleaning service robot. The model provides powerful suction, cleans along walls and penetrates hard-to-reach places. The unique side brush collects dirt from the corners and directs it to the main roller. The rubber and tuft rollers collect dust, dirt and hair and are guided into the vacuum channel. The garbage is collected by a powerful vacuum cleaner and sent to the garbage bin.

The height from it to the brush block is automatically adjusted according to the type of surface to be cleaned. As a result, the robot guarantees the most efficient cleaning guidance. The cleaning side brushes along the walls perform important functions related to cleaning the area around the perimeter of walls and furniture, as well as corners. The exchange of data and commands is carried out through the free iRobot Home mobile application.

A set of sensors around the perimeter of the case continuously checks the floor level to ensure that the Roomba 698 does not descend from high thresholds or steps. Fixing the descent, the navigation system changes the trajectory of movement.

iRobot Roomba 698 General Сharacteristics:

  • Type of cleaning – dry;
  • Modes – local cleaning;
  • Additional options – timer, programming by day of the week;
  • Design – soft bumper, built-in clock.
  • Efficiency
  • Convenient cleaning
  • Not noisy
  • Easy to clean
  • Build quality
  • There is no map building function

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The best manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners

We have compiled the top 5 best brands specializing in robotic vacuum cleaners:

  1. iRobot Corporation. This company deservedly took our first place. It specializes in the production of robotic equipment. Vacuum cleaners of the iRobot brand are currently considered the most innovative.
  2. Xiaomi. Robotic vacuum cleaners from this company are selling very well. They are powerful, set the right path and do not collide with obstacles thanks to various sensors, including ultrasonic waves.
  3. LG. The well-known company LG is also famous for the best robot vacuum cleaners. Many users say that the produced model from the company is just perfect. The best-selling of them can be called LG VR6670LVMP.
  4. Yujin Robot (iCLEBO). A titled brand that produces, although not budget, but fashionable and powerful robotic vacuum cleaners.

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