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TOP Best Shampoo For Keratin Treated Hair

Keratin is a natural building block that helps repair complex hair damage and restore beauty and vitality. That is why it is included in many compositions for salon and home

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A review is an objective and unbiased view of a product, presented in the form of a statement of its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. They are well-known to those who frequently deal wit product reviews.

The task of the author is to present the information in an accessible and understandable language, to describe the product from the point of view of the average consumer. Based on the review, the reader can assess the product, even if he has never used it, and decide whether it is worth spending money on it.

Review articles and product ratings from the internet can be published on the following sites:

  • Online stores. Often online stores create a special section with reviews. The purpose is to acquaint the potential buyer with the product and push him to buy it.
  • Subject sites. In runet there are many thematic sites designed for publishing reviews.
  • Personal blog. Many bloggers already actively use this tool and post reviews on their personal pages to attract and retain the attention of subscribers. People love useful information, so they read such articles with pleasure.

How a review differs from other articles

Reviews are a separate category of content that has nothing to do with either commercial or informational texts. In the review articles the product is considered from all sides, not only from the point of view of its benefits, as in advertising. To write a good review, dry characteristics from the site is not enough. For this you need to “feel” a thing, assess it from the perspective of the average user. Moreover, that the manufacturer’s stated characteristics often diverge sharply from reality. Therefore, the author must give a full description of the product, not forgetting the shortcomings that are everywhere. Then the reader himself makes conclusions about the advisability of buying.

Types of reviews

A review of the product can be presented in one of three formats:

  • It is a description of a single product, the practice of its use, advantages and disadvantages.
  • In such reviews compare several similar products of the same company, talk about their characteristics, pros and cons. For example, a comparison of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro – this is a comparative review.
  • Here similar products from different companies are compared. The purpose of such a review is to give an objective comparative characteristic of two or more competitive products. For example, if you compare the latest iPhone and Samsung at the best product review site, you get a competitive review.

The site with the best product review and rating was created for reviews of products ordered in foreign online stores AliExpress, Amazon, Ebay and others.

The product review sites helps to find something interesting in a huge range of stores and make a successful purchase.

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